Sonay Vigato
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Camouflage... The twist - The shape, swirling stripes resemble the pattern of the words on the hands.

This picture is a good example of pattern because you know the zebra stripes keep going throughout the picture. Pattern is when you can predict the shapes or colors.

Constructivist | Mesguich Mosaik

This mosaic of bold white, pitch black, dusty brown and fading grey culminate to form the picture of a circle cut in half. From up above, it might look more like a sphere.

Pompeii mosaic Version Voyages, coffrets cadeaux, billets…

Pompeii tiles - over at least years ago! looks like a quilt pattern. I would like this pattern in a bathroom.

La Philharmonie, ses colonnes et ses ombres... - Place de l’Europe, Kirchberg, Grand Duché de Luxembourg Plus

Pattern I chose this picture because it has a repetition of the pillars with shadows to create leading lines. It makes me feel like I'm walking through this pathway and I'm about to turn. I really like the use of shadows to create another pattern within a