What a great idea, for Easter gifts...and easy too....

These will be my Easter gifts mason jar easter chocolate gift filled with eggs , chicks a chocolate bunny Can put colored Krispie treats in bottom or use colored coconut in the bottom.

flash cards in a mini photo album-teacher tipster

Put math flash cards in a small photo album and students can answer the cards using a dry erase marker or number cards to trace and write or draw dots to show

Having fun learning addition and counting on using a bingo dabber and butcher paper!

Looking forward to all the outdoor June activities!

She is already doing very basic addition and this activity will only help her out :-D need to get paper and a bingo dabber! Having fun learning addition and counting on using a bingo dabber and butcher paper!

Addition/subtraction sorting ~ could do this with tins from target too.

halloween math activity: addition/subtraction sorting - child determines which sticks add up to the number on the bucket.

10 Educational Crafts

10 Educational Crafts for family fun

Number Sense Craftivity - Students trace their hands, cut out & glue down onto paper, except for the fingers! Kids will love this because they will be using their paper fingers to count.

Apple puzzles for helping with sequencing numbers 1-10. FREE download.

Come Make An Apple Puzzle With Me! A quick, easy and fun way to get your kiddo’s sequencing numbers is via a number puzzle, which is also great.

This is a greater than and less than activity that uses a crocodile mouth as the symbol.  This would be a fun activity to integrate with English and read "The Enormous Crocodile" by Roald Dahl.

Montessori-Inspired Greater Than Less Than Alligator Math. Make popsicle stick alligator, write "greater than" and "less than".