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a fish is laying on top of some brown paper and water droplets are surrounding it
Photographe et réalisateur
Guillaume Czerw - Photographe professionnel indépendant
the bathroom is clean and ready for us to use
Optimiser la petite salle d'eau.
a bird perched on a branch next to a roll of toilet paper hanging from a wall
a red tiled bathroom with a white sink and shower head mounted to the side of the wall
Déco salle de bain : photos de salles de bains qui optimisent l'espace
Une petite salle de bains très colorée avec douche à l'italienne - 25 belles salles de bains qui optimisent l'espace - CôtéMaison.fr
a white toilet sitting next to a walk in shower under a bathroom mirror above a sink
santé et sport
Photos de conception des petites salle de bain ~ Décor de Maison / Décoration Chambre
a bathroom with white walls and wooden ceiling
Petite salle de bain optimisée : inspiration coup de coeur
Une cloison qui devient penderie pour cette petite salle de bains
an empty room with stairs and vases on the floor
Atelierhaus Rosa
Ernst Gamperl: Atelierhaus Rosa
there is a cat that is sitting on the stairs in this house, and it looks like he's going to fall asleep
Gallery of Garcias House / Warm Architects - 12
Garcias' House / Warm Architects Not sure building control would pass this bit it does look and feel great!
the stairs are made of concrete and white paint
Betonnen trap, mooi door eenvoud. Je kunt de afdruk van de bekisting nog zien. / Concrete stairs, so simple
there is a white stair case next to the window in this modern house with black flooring
Fabricant panneau béton décoratif & design - Concrete LCDA
a bathroom with a sink, toilet and window
Steal This Look: Elizabeth Roberts Brooklyn Bath - Remodelista
Lovely minimalist bathroom. (Especially fond of the grey grout. Dirt? On MY floor? Hmmm, I don't see any dirt...)
an image of a white bathroom with black and white accessories on the tub, window above it
black bath fixtures
an empty room with white walls and shelves