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a drawing of a woman reaching up to a tree with a paint can next to it
Harriet Lee-Merrion's Quietly Strange Illustrations • Brown Paper Bag
Harriet Lee-Merrion (via Brown Paper Bag)
a drawing of a man and woman embracing each other on a white paper with black ink
After Love — Marcel Duchamp
After Love, Marcel Duchamp
a drawing of a woman's head wearing a hat with ears and eyes on it
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Juxtapoz Magazine Gallery//
Amanda Blake Portraits, People, Artists, Folksy
Amanda Blake
a card with a woman's face and flowers in her hair, on a white background
Inspire by Nest Pretty Things
By Mateja Kovač
a group of children are standing together in front of a white background with black and red ink
simply read blog
a drawing of two people with clocks on their faces, one holding the other's head
Monica Barengo.
a black and white animal print fabric with circles on the pattern, as well as dots
Batman Batman, Batu, Nike, Clothes, Punk, Styl, Stylin, Giyim, Style Me
a black and white drawing of a person wearing a hat with a scarf on it
ulrike wathling
a painting of a woman in black swimsuit flying through the air with her legs spread out
Onchi Kôshirô - Diving - 1932
a drawing of a woman and an owl in a tree with their arms around each other
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by Marija Jevtic
a black bird perched on the palm of a person's hand, against a gray background
Naftali Beder
two women are walking down the street in front of a piano and cat on a chair
Cuaderno de retazos