étoile origami - feuille de livre

10 Easy Pieces: Handmade Holiday Ornaments

paper star ornaments (no directions here, just says they are origami stars from pages of discarded books) like how they look with berries and the thin twine

Marque-pages cœur

Book Page Corner Heart Origami Bookmark. I think it would be a fun little gift. Wonder what kind of cool scrapbook paper I could use? I could even put it in a journal as a decoration or in one I am giving someone as a gift!

Origami Star Christmas Ornament

Set of three five-pointed origami star ornaments made of discarded vintage book pages. - diameter of each star is approx.

le petit Yaka moderne: origami : des grues dans ma déco

Origami crane tree :There is a legend that someone who makes a thousand origami cranes, their wish will be granted. Here are instructions for making a paper crane

lanternes -  http://www.poulettemagique.com/diy-lanternes-kawai-en-papier-origami

DIY : lanternes kawai en papier origami

lanternes - http://www.poulettemagique.com/diy-lanternes-kawai-en-papier-origami

Mobile papier origami grues avec lien TUTO !

Déco : L’heure du coucher au Pays du Soleil levant

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