Reading Corner | Back to School: Coolest Learning Spaces Curved shower rod, curtain and some cushions. Bumblebee's space???

Back to School: Cool Homework Stations and Homeschool Rooms

great idea for reading area in child's playroom - just hang curtain rod in the corner with some shelves, pillows, and a rug.VF: use a curved shower curtain rod :)

Top 10 Mind-Blowing Images Of Human Life In The Womb

Top 10 Mind-Blowing Images Of Human Life In The Womb

Top 10 Mind-Blowing Images Of Human Life In The Womb You started your life in the womb. And you won’t believe your eyes when you see these incredible images of human development before birth! At around 8 months gestation.

Des verrières dans un loft

Pinterest : 25 intérieurs qui donnent envie d’avoir une verrière

To repurpose old pressed wood bookcases: take the flimsy back off and replace with stained 2x4s or 1x4s.

DIY Pallet Bookcase

Love the backing of the bookshelf would paint the actual bookcase a different color! DIY Country Decor: Pallet Bookcase Tutorial Maybe a way to sturdy up the cheap book shelves from Target and Walmart or Ikea.

6 CONSEILS POUR CRÉER UNE DÉCO ESPRIT SCANDINAVE - Conseil déco #1 Choisissez un parquet massif clair finition bois naturel - Saint Maclou Magazine #2 mars 2014

5 conseils pour créer une déco esprit scandinave

Scandinavian inspiration, light wooden floor and large windows I Saint Maclou Magazine

Poétique : la table basse Roxane Beis ... poetic table ... how amazing is this neon orange/red ...

Maison d'architecte, construction neuve : les plus belles

Just as we were finishing our post about LED illuminating tree trunks, we found this image of a thick tree trunk side table/stool where vivid red paint was

Gigot aux herbes, sauce à l'ail

Gigot aux herbes, sauce à l'ail

Cette cuisine blanche a été installée dans la véranda : effet lumineux garanti ! Plus de photos sur Côté Maison.

Maison de pêcheur rénovée pour vacances en famille au Cap Ferret

This is to remind me to tear out the walls and install windows in the kitchen