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4 choses qui vous rendent belle et que le makeup ne pourra jamais remplacer !


Pupy Training Treats - This is the cutest dog ever. This links to a dog training program btw. Im just pinning for the cute doggie. - How to train a puppy?

Always adopt, never shop and support your local shelters and rescue groups.  You'll be saving a life and it might be your own.

Catahoula mix << They're so awesome! I love there coat pattern, but I wish it came in different colors. Oh well, that one color is pretty enough (they do come in different colors.

My Stunning Boy - Magic. Gerberian Shepsky

This is the dream dog! Part German Shepherd and part Husky! this is 7 week old Gerberian Shepsky Cross between a German Shepherd and a Husky! He has one blue eye and one brown eye!


I'd totally name him Cookies and Cream. Maybe just Cookie for short - Tap the pin for the most adorable pawtastic fur baby apparel!



The best designs are the ones which are produced from the rabbit's care standpoint. Attempting to make art on a very small surface is only going to frustrate them.

Cheeky racoon.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

I miss you, "Rocky". but you were so sick, aged and ailing! I hope you enjoyed your time with us and felt safe, warm, fed and loved until your passing!

I know this isn't anything about cows but it is sooo cute

Ooohhh my god, i'm in love! Sooo cuteee ☀sweet baby deer fawns are adorable!) don't hunt them please

cutest pic ever!!!! <3  Documentarista resgata filhote de esquilo durante viagem ao Sri Lanka e ganha um novo amigo. Conheça essa história  Foto: Paul Williams/Ironammonite

Rob The Baby Palm Squirrel Is So Cute It Hurts

It's a baby chipmunk! (I know the thing says baby palm squirrel, but I'm pretty sure it's a chipmunk! I mean, I just held a baby chipmunk yesterday so I'm pretty darn sure!

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