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Lampe OISEAU par Olivier CHABAUD x Jean-François BELLEMERE x COMPAGNIE

Created by Olivier Chabaud and Jean-François Bellemère for Compagnie, the « Lampe Oiseau

De bien jolis nichoirs... Plus

I love bird houses! Yes, Bird Houses! for the birds bird house birdhouse

Réunion des Musées Nationaux-Grand Palais -

Panathenaic prize amphora, signed by the potter Kittos. Greek, made in Athens about BC Found at Teucheira, Cyrenaica (modern Libya) A prize for a victor at the Athenian games

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Anonymous painter known as the Niobid Painter. "Attic Red-Figure Calyx Krater known as the "Niobid Krater" *see image in Adams.