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an image of two squares that are in the middle of a field
Embroidery Art and The Wonderful World of Aaron Rinas
Art textile canadien : Aaron Rinas, broderie sur photo, motif abstrait géométrique, rose pâle
an old photo of a woman standing in front of a house with her apron on
My latest embroidery project.
an image of a man with afro hair on the cover of his album power of love
Colorful Embroidery Breathes New Life into Portraits of Cultural Icons
a man sitting in a chair wearing a colorful dress and headdress with words written on it
Victoria Villasana
two women are standing in front of the washers with their backs to each other
people are sitting on the subway train with their backs to each other and looking out the window
a woman's face is covered in greenery as the sun shines through
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