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a marble counter with two lamps and bottles on the wall in front of it,
The Upper by Luchetti Krelle Pty Ltd
The Upper by Luchetti Krelle Pty Ltd | Australian Interior Design Awards
a marble floor with different colors and patterns on it's sides, including black, white, brown, and green
MDC Gallery opens at Piero Portaluppi’s Casa Corbellini-Wassermann
La nuova sede di MDC Gallery a Milano
an orange and white tiled floor with water on it
克拉科夫PURO酒店,波兰 / Paradowski Studio
克拉科夫PURO酒店,波兰 / Paradowski Studio - 谷德设计网
an abstract marble pattern in brown and grey tones, with white streaks on the surface
Luxury Design: Carrelage de Luxe en Grès Cérame | Florim S.p.A. SB
Magnum Oversize by Florim: le grès cérame en grands formats. » Rex Magnum Oversize: Alabastri, Ardoise, I Bianchi, I Marmi, La Roche, Pietra del Nord
two tables with black and white marble tops, one has a golden ball on top
Bethan Gray's marble Band tables are edged in brushed brass
Band Collection by Bethan Gray
a long table with many chairs and tables on it in a room filled with other furniture
Nina Yashar's Nilufar Depot / Milan Design Week 2015.
Nilufar Depot—by Nina Yahar, Milan Design Week 2015 l
an oval shaped bathtub sits in front of a window with glass panes on the windowsill
BEYOND | Bathtub Pietraluce® bathtub By Glass1989 | design Claudia Danelon
Pietraluce® #bathtub BEYOND by GLASS IDROMASSAGGIO | #design Claudia Danelon, Federico Meroni
a black and white photo of a marble pedestal with a light on it's side
Bjhon -Elegant Bathroom Sink by Agape - deco NICHE
bjhon (2)
a bathroom with marble walls and flooring next to a radiator on the wall
Privé | Villa - Maison particulière | | Villa de la Reunion - Fin de chantier Hélène et Olivier Lempereur
a white marble top coffee table with black lines on the bottom and sides, against a white background
The Grill table by Zeren Saglamer
marble plates and napkins are laid out on a black table top with gold tape
le marbre revient en force... objets, mobilier, carrelage, stickers, papier-peint
a marble bench with a gold bird statue on top
Marble nesting table by Jim Hannon-Tan. Jan 2013 World of Interiors
a marble table with metal legs and a wooden handle
The marble trestle table ‘In Vain‘ by designer Ben Storms also doubles as a standing mirror.