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Frozen concept art - Elsa   Look at the range of emotions! This is why Disney is the best!

Frozen concept art - Elsa

How to Train Your Dragon

I can't wait for How to train your Dragon 2 to come out so I made some fanart of my otp Astrid and Hiccup asfgdgh How to train your Dragon / Hiccup and .

Elsa The Snow Queen by himaru-of-neptune on deviantART

michaelokey: “ So I watched Frozen last night. Elsas costume was so couture I couldn’t even keep it together, i think I vogued every time she had screen time. If you haven’t checked out my book sale.

Les triplettes de Belleville

Les Triplettes de Belleville, a fantastic french film with little dialogue, but so much action, that you will never feel lost watching it. Recommend it for those who want to try something new and have a delicious sandwich while watching.