I think I am. Sigmund Freud - Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, make sure you are not, in fact, surrounded by assholes

S.Weil«De tous les besoins de l’âme humaine,il n’y en a pas de plus vital que le passé»L’opposition entre l’avenir et le passé est absurde.L’avenir ne nous apporte rien,ne nous donne rien;c’est nous qui pour le construire devons tout lui donner,lui donner notre vie elle-même.Mais pour donner il faut posséder,et nous ne possédons d’autre vie,d’autre sève,que les trésors hérités du passé et digérés,assimilés,recréés par nous.L’amour du passé n’a rien à voir avec1orientation politique…

35 Beautiful Inspirational Quotes What an AWeSOME thought. A way to be "REAL"with this beautiful life we have been gifted with

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I am learning to love the sound of my feet walking away from things not meant for me. -- Looking for the best quotes about life & happiness? Read our best quotes, we rank as


If we ever have a daughter “As for my girls, I’ll raise them to think they breathe fire.” –Jessica Kirkland ABSOLUTE truth in how I am raising my girls!

Non-jugement  Écoute active Se mettre à la place de l'autre

Carl Jung quote: Thinking is difficult, that's why most people judge. Ironically most of THOSE people live in glass houses.

Great advice

Great advice When someone yells at me I just refuse to be apart of anything they are saying I walk away and think how crazy insane not to mention stupid they are being ❤️

Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “If any Muslim plants any plant and a human being or an animal eats of it, he will be rewarded as if he had given that much in charity."

my friend, Baris, from Izmir Turkey comes to mind. I asked: And what do you do (that spreads the Word)? He replied, "I plant trees. And my beautiful Friend? I am Honoring you this day, this Ramadan.