Photo de famille

oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh this is SOOOOO precious I can't even stand it. Def doing this when I have my own family

Newborn+And+Sibling+Poses | little baby parts i just adore those little baby fingernails

Matt takes so many pictures a day that I probably already have enough to do this with a little cropping, DIY project, and had it printed on canvas.What a great idea,i love it.

Tableau mise en scène de bébé

Photographer and mother, Anna Eftimie, collaborated with her husband to put together these amazing blackboard adventures to help celebrate the birth of her son.

Mamans - 18 idées pour documenter la première année de bébé

Not pregnant, but this is a cute idea! From belly to 12 months

Idée carte vœux - photo - diy - Christmas - noël - happy new year - kids - enfants - personnalisation

(A mother captured this images by placing the baby on the mattress w/ her father & adorable props. The mother took the photos from the top w/ a few pauses when she needed a nap.

15 idées de faire-part de naissance DIY hyper créatifs

15 idées de faire-part de naissance DIY hyper créatifs