DIY salle de désodorisant. Bicarbonate de soude + 8 gouttes d'une huile essentielle de votre choix. C'est si facile!

DIY room air freshener

This works great! Much better than the gelled version of DIY air freshner and easier to make. Everytime I walk in the room it smells fresh & has a nice scent to it. Will be doing in my whole house soon. -diy air freshener - baking soda and oil

diy rope vases

rope vases flowers diy vases crafts home made easy crafts craft idea crafts ideas diy ideas diy crafts diy idea do it yourself diy vases(Diy Art Bathroom)

Désodorisant pour toilettes : du bicarbonate 1/4 du pot + 6-8 gouttes d'H E de lavande ;  faire quelques trous dans le couvercle ; et remuer de temps à autres et le tour est joué!

mason jar air freshener: fill small mason jar about full w/ baking soda, add drops of favorite essential oil. punch holes in lid. occasionally, give jar a gentle shake to boost air freshening power.

Life Hacks Part 7 - Imgur

This is easy clean up also if you use a roller and need to take a break and do not want roller to dry out wrap it in a plastic bag and it keeps paint wet until you come back stays for about 48 hrs clever! Learned that from a professional painter

Febreze maison : 1 grosse cuillère  d adoucissant soit 15 ml 1 cuil a soupe de bicarbonate de soude 10g de l eau chaude pour remplir un flacon de 350ml

Febreze maison : 1 grosse cuillère d adoucissant soit 15 ml 1 cuil a soupe de bicarbonate de soude 10g de l eau chaude pour remplir un flacon de 350ml

Pour enlever de la cire de verre mettez le au congelo

Cleaning trick: Place the glass candleholders in the freezer for a few hours. Once frozen, the wax will shrink just enough to pop right out.

4 planches contreplaquées + de la peinture blanche = une tête de lit cabane / zelf-timmeren

Children's Bed - Looks Like A Little House Headboard . instructions seem to be in Dutch, you can try translating it into English but you get the idea for a cute bed that you could copy from the picture and the dimensions of a twin size bed.

wood magazine holders

DIY mail station with a shelf and magazine holders. The magazine holders are too big, but I love the shelf idea.

DIY breadbox charger organizer!!! :o

Great Home Organizing Ideas {Inspiration for Creating Designated Landing Spots

From bread box to charging station. Convert a bread box into a charging station for small electronic devices. Just drill a hole in the back, insert a rubber grommet, and thread the power-strip cord through.

Fínt, svo væri hægt að raða kössunum snyrtilega ofan á hvorn annan, fínt fyrir mig sem er 3 fjöltengi inni hjá mér

16 Easy DIY Dorm Room Decor Ideas

Create your own charging station with a power strip and an old shoe box. Simply decorate the shoe box, cut holes for the charger wires and put the power strip inside the shoe box.

remove wax from old candles = genius

How to get wax out of old candles to reuse containers. I will be so glad I pinned this! For full/old smelly wax.fill sink full of hot/boiling water & pour out wax. For mostly empty containers, hot/boiling water IN container