Haha! Big mouth attak —

Lynn Skordal

Women first began to work out with weights. Two cheerful ladies work out in their street clothes in a photograph c. 1910 by Willis T. #art #collage piscine citron

Bene Rohlmann

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Queen Elizabeth and two of her children, Princess Anne and Prince Charles. Love this picture for Queen Elizabeth II.

DECONSTRUCTION Rensonnet Céline - Cours 3 - Référent sagesse

Hey Fashionista, do you want to have the most stylish hairstyle ever? And the holidays are coming so I present you 14 Amazing Front Bun Hairdo that you can

Illustrations et papier découpé par Shamekh Bluwi

Illustrations et papier découpé par Shamekh Bluwi

Fashion Cut-Out Sketches Completed Using Skies And Sceneries. Architect, visual artist and fashion illustrator Shamekh Al-Bluwi has found an ingenious way to combine his passions.