glitter toes!

Glitter Toes-eborah lippmann nail polish is like this but the dots of glitter are smaller. This is done by someone who does glitter toes. Straight glitter, with gel or acrylic over it. Not a nail polish.

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Over 1871 people liked this! French matte black nails for the adventurous :) matte matteblack nailpolish nailart beauty


Clouds Cloudy nail art: three color colour design: light blue (Essie Lapis of Luxury), light grey (Essie Sand Tropez) and white.

Patriotic Nail Art

10 Memorial Day Manicures For the Weekend

Patriotic Nail Art - Obsessed, going to try to pull this off for the Summer America

Simple pattern for a wedding or Valentine's Day.

Dotted heart nail design: pinks and white nail art: multicolor multicolour polka dots in the shape of a heart one accent nail

Nail art

nailsloversba nailslover nail nailsin nailar bluenail trendynail trend fashionnail fashio cut cutenail mynail lovenails by nails_lovers_bar - instaview.

Voici la couleur de vernis à ongles la plus populaire du web | Glamour

Voici la couleur de vernis à ongles la plus populaire du web

See this and similar nail polish - Fall is in full swing, which means we are loving all of the deep, rich tones of this season's nail colors. From berry and esp.

Petit tuto nail art

(Tuto nail art) The New Black // Des associations tendances !

The New Black- nail color kit (but you can find matching substitute colors)- nail art tutorial

38 Interesting  Nail Art Tutorials

38 Interesting Nail Art Tutorials

Nail art can also rhyme with chic, sophistication and discretion! For maximum effect, no need to do too much. Some glitter, metallic varnish, elegant lines and voila! To discover our chic nail tutorials and shock