Horsey Quotes

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Strive for excellence, accept only discipline, emit only confidence, ride with compassion
Outdoor, Chase Your Dreams, You Never, Dreaming Of You, Catch, Dream, Chase
If you never chase your dreams, you will never catch them!
Rider, Trust, Selfless, Very Well
At it's finest, rider and horse are joined not by tack, but by trust
Sometimes it is the most difficult horse that has the most to give you
You Changed, Greats, One, Life
A great horse will change your life, the truly special ones define it
Success doesn't come from what you do occasionally , but from what you do consistently
Experience, Best, Building
Confidence is built from good experience
Doors, Closed Doors, Door Opener, Garage Doors, Shed, Outdoor Structures, Open
As one door closes, another door opens