L'artiste des rues n'a plus à se cacher nous disent ironiquement les Beatles ! / Street art. / London, England. / Londrtes, Angleterre.

Let's face it, graffiti in London is the best, especially when it's of The Beatles . The beatles street art

this is fantastic.

Is it possible to fall so deeply in love with an innate decorative object like so? Well, I just did. Pictures stacked out of frame. Idea: photos falling out of frame. Life is not a picture perfect frame.

Souris avanturières !

Funny Climbing Cheese Mice Vinyl Wall Stickers for Walls, Doors & Skirting

Composition idea for metal work. Funny Climbing Cheese Mice Vinyl Wall Stickers for Walls, Doors & Skirting

Les arbres sont notre poumon ! / Street Art. / Bristol. / England. / Angleterre. / By Dr Love.

Street Art Utopia » We declare the world as our canvas » By Dr Love at Upfest 2015 – In Bristol, England


Tower of box houses--fun! Great Team building activity / writing project: create a house mountain and write about life there.

amazing street art I have found in the Street Art gathering on CREATIV.COM

Pochoir street art - trouvez la créativité en 65 images - Archzine.fr

Come here, kitty. British street artist JPS shows this cat's graceful balance on a wall in Barcelona, Spain. Can you walk the chain as confidently?-via Street Art Utopia.

Sympa, tout de suite ça interpelle et ça personnalise Street Art Made in 2012


Street Art Leaning Tower of Pisa - in Philadelphia-PA-USA. S Condon we must find this!

David Zinn est un artiste passionné par le travail à la craie.

Des créations street art hautes en couleurs qui donnent vie à la rue

http://serruriermaisonslaffitte.lartisanpascher.com #serrurier #maisonsLaffitte

Funny pictures about Pacman. Oh, and cool pics about Pacman. Also, Pacman photos.

Street Art detournement Panneaux de signalisation 10

Street Art Panneaux de signalisation

Saw his clever work all over Firenze. If it makes people pay more attention to street signs, than I say, why not give him a public works grant! Clet-Abraham_Street-art_stickers-on-traffic-signs_multi_collabcubed

Le Street-Art de Dran !

Le Street-Art de Dran !


Orange flower art that just makes me smile! guerilla street art gardening whimsy with marigolds