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Pretty Snowman Cakes We introduced some Christmas themed cake designs to you. We show to you some snowman cake ideas to enjoy Christmas. Hope you make a perfect cake to celebrate the holiday. There are some pretty snowman cake ideas … Read more.

Mignonnes comme tout ces figurines de pingouin sur fond de noël, une sympathique création.

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Polar Bear earrings Winter Earrings Stud earrings Christmas

Polar Bear earrings Winter Earrings Stud earrings Christmas- Tap the link now to see our super collection of accessories made just for you!


I made this out of clay that you bake in the oven. Took my about 2 hours because I am a perfectionist with crafts. It is adorable tho. I gave it to my mom as an extra christmas gift. It was a big hit!

Ensemble de trombones de Six mignon petit Kawaii par MAOcreatures

Kawaii Paper Clips Set Colorful Set of Six Paper Clips, for School or the Office Kawaii style - bright up your papers!

DIY step by step tutorial Polymer Clay Easter Bunnies Instruction miniatures kawaii

DIY step by step tutorial Clay Easter Bunnies Instruction.I'm buying clay soon so I so need to make these!