Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord by Violaine & Jeremy

I thought that this was a great example of formation. Of how a background can easily be changed. However the text stays structured in its invisible grid and does not move and that is the article or magazines formation.

j'adore parce qu'il faut 2s pour trouver le dessin ;) le coté biocolore et tres graphique. j'imagine mouton noir, fleur blanche sur le flanc, chapeau noire un peu detaché du corps et monocle blanc

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Poster Shanti by Xavier Esclusa

40 Floral Typography Designs that Combine Flowers & Text

Graphic Design & Art Direction by Jason Marc Wood

Graphic Design & Art Direction by Jason Marc Wood

Une affiche alternative pour le film DRIVE imaginée par le designer 3D Rizon Parein.

Film in Art: Drive Neons by Rizon Parein. Just stumbled upon these amazing Drive inspired neons by designer Rizon Parein. Drive + neon + hot pink = my funeral. Check out more of.

designeverywhere:  ‘The great artist of tomorrow will go...

‘The great artist of tomorrow will go underground’ – Marcel Duchamp, activities in the exhibition space for young artists. The concept idea presents the standpoint of the ‘underground’ through punk style. by Manita Songserm