Colombes, 2016 - Dominique Coulon & associés - architectes

Image 17 of 32 from gallery of ‘Simone Veil’ Group of Schools in Colombes / Dominique Coulon & associés. Photograph by Guillaume Wittmann

great panels. Source?

Ferrari automotive museum designed by the late Czech architect and Future Systems founder Jan Kaplický has opened in Modena, Italy.

Orbec, 2015 - Dominique Coulon & associés - architectes

At a nursing home in the French village of Orbec, Dominique Coulon & Associés added swaths of red to restructure space and deviate from colors typical of a healthcare facility.


Lighting system in the recessed or suspension/wall/ceiling version made of extruded aluminum colored in white and fasteners and junctions of galvanized.

Lamp - LEDS

Slot lighting idea - Linear LED sources for direct diffused lighting emission Microfile Lucifero's

Cope Arnold Vedas

mkrmagazine: “ Nicholas A. Cope & Dustin E. Arnold Vedas Cope and Arnold are interested in veils and unveiling; they’re searching for the point where the object ceases to become material and instead.