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escalier décoré

I love this staircase and the idea of incorporating different tiles to each step. Stenciled Staircase by Royal Design Studio Stencils in Moroccos boutique hotel, Peacock Pavilions.

Concrete stairs

Gallery of Lumber Shaped-Box House / Atelier Riri - 15

Stairs at lumber Shaped-Box House in Jakarta, Indonesia by Atelier Riri - Concrete steps


KAIROS / João Quintela + Tim Simon Attention to detail I guess the idea was that the stair can be a part of building skin. For that, the architect made new type of stair. Actually the stair does not exist itself.

A precast staircase is one of several concrete elements added to this house in Mexico.

Warm Architects completes house with a cast concrete staircase

Stair risers painted

Should you paint your wood floors or is that blasphemous?

Melanie Royals stenciled stair risers at the Peacock Pavilions in Marrakech with a simply color palette and classic henna patterns unique for each stair.

Light falling through an open staircase inside the Herzelia Pituah House by Pitsou Kedem.

Pitsou Kedem Architects together with Tanju Özelgin designed a modern and minimalistic building called the Herzelia Pituah 4 House in Israel.

Casa Varatojo | Richard John Seymour

Cantilevered railway sleepers form the staircase inside this house / Varatojo House in Portugal by Atelier DATA. Like the raw earthiness they give.

This concrete stairwell seems mysterious... |

Mexican office Cherem Arquitectos has designed a concrete house with a corrugated exterior for a family of four just outside Mexico City.

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