Yarn dipped in glue/water wrapped around balloons, then pop the balloons when it's dry!

Yarn balloon spheres: Cut strands of yarn, blow up balloon. Mix equal parts craft glue & water. Dip yarn in glue, wrap around balloon. Hang balloon with clothesline & clothespin. Once dry pop balloon and remove. Modge-podge could work too.

DIY hanging yarn balls.

You make these by dipping yarn through a corn starch/glue mix, then wrapping it around a balloon coated with Vaseline so the glue doesn't stick. Once the yarn and glue mixer is dry, pop the balloon for this whimsical DIY lantern!

mobile angels

Autumn fairy mobile felted waldorf inspired by naturechild on Etsy, leaves felted thin like tissue. maybe nuno on silk chiffon?

yarn ball.

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mobile from naturechild

Spring fairies mobile - Mother and daughter - waldorf inspired, felted