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two floor plans showing the living room and bedroom in each apartment, one with an attached bathroom
an overhead view of a floor plan with three rooms and two bathrooms in the center
Blue Modern Loft 🩵 | Room Build | The Sims 4 No CC | ID: michaelasimsyt
Blue Modern Loft 🩵 A small two-storey loft for a single sim with everything your sim needs! the sims 4 house interior || the sims 4 interior || the sims 4 house || the sims 4 house ideas || sims 4 houses || sims 4 house plans #thesims4 #simshouse #simsbuild #showusyourbuilds #sims4maxismatch #sims4housebuild #simshome #dreamhouse #sims #michaelasimsyt #michaelasims
an aerial view of a large house in the middle of a green field with trees