tip: how to cook bacon in one batch without the splatters and burns - it makes mornings so much easier. life changing!! | the improv kitchen

Bacon cooked in the oven on a foil lined cookie sheet. Start with cold oven. Cookie sheet in bake at 400 degrees min.

Taco Cupcakes Recipe - Tablespoon

Taco Cupcakes

Double Decker Taco Cupcakes Wonton wrappers make for perfectly sized pasta squares that can be layered in muffin tins with taco meat, beans, cheese, and crushed chips.

Use your deviled egg tray to make jello eggs and fill with whipped cream. I love this for Easter!....or Christmas with jello shots

Jello Easter Eggs with Cream Cheese Filling! Jello Easter Eggs with Cream Cheese Filling! Jello Easter Eggs with Cream Cheese Filling!

Watermelon Grill http://www.handimania.com/cooking/watermelon-grill.html

Watermelon grill centerpiece with fruit kabobs -- fun idea for a summer party or bbq

Breakfast Crescent Ring

I love this Breakfast Crescent Ring! All the classic flavors of breakfast - bacon, eggs, hashbrowns & cheese - wrapped up in a crescent roll ring.

Christmas Yarn Balls

How to make your own cute decoration wire balls step by step DIY tutorial instructions. great idea for Christmas ornaments.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Directions: -Wash, cut and pat dry strawberries. -Place the cut strawberries lengthwise in the ice cube tray so that the chocolate can cover both sides. -Pour the melted chocolate in the ice cube tray, covering the strawberries.