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When one looks online for the meaning of ‘Wrap Queen’, your search engine surely throws up anything but the fashionable ways to tie a headscarf.

Are you bored with your usual puff or bun? Do you need fresh summer hairstyle ideas with how-to instructions? Well, here are 15 stunning natural hair pictorials to get you started.

8 Head Wrap Cheat Sheets If You Don't Know How To Tie Them Includes models with long braids, short Afro, straight hair and curly-cozily hair. Looks very helpful. Just need to get a few scarfs in a range of color / pattern and I'll be tying! by lea

Une couche de neige

ohhhhh my very favorite picture of beautiful deer. White Tailed Deer Buck in Snow Storm, western Montana; photo by Donald M.

L’arche de noé.   C'est magnifique.

I dream of a world where we admire this beauty from afar for what it is and let it be. They are conscious creatures, alive, and a part of this earth, not trophies to adorn the walls of our and white deer.

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