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Rick Riordan tweets

Enchiladas Jackson and the Burrito Thief. Yesh maybe he's hanging out with tres navarre and leo at the first taco cabana. If you've read Rick's adult books of just Big Red Tequila you'll get what I'm saying<<<<<THIS XD

Wow Rick. Just. Wow.

No, his real name is Rick Troll Riordan. It's a good thing he became a writer, or he would probably a serial killer.

It's complicated. l Rick Riordan.

It's complicated. l Rick Riordan. (FINALLY someone understand the INSANITY I have been going through! I was POSITIVE that it said Blackjack was a girl, but no one believed me!

XD Uncle Rick is the best!

This man is amazing. Behold, the god's chosen author! Tremble before the horror of Rick Riordan! <<<This proves our fandom is as fucked up as the writer. Fucked up, but dam awesome!