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Anais Tondeur - A Hole in the Sky - 2003 (2016) -

Anais Tondeur - A Hole in the Sky - 2003 - alterego.

Jules & Jenn - mode responsable en toute transparence // Wall •

Intermingle by Satsuki Shibuya. A beautiful, delicate exploration of texture and colour and the mingling of colour. A classic example of Shibuya's minimal use of colour and shape to convey a sense of emotion and personal ideas.

jackbarnosky: dayenu jack barnosky

I confess to being confused. That said, I find it compelling, so I'm pinning it here. 'dayenu' by photographer Jack Barnosky.

Tony Saladino

Blue abstract art by Tony Saladino. He was born in New Orleans. He has taught at The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, and Oxbow Summer School of Art, Michigan.