alors essayer de la dessiner!

Celshading chibi commission for rini-kitsune Yay yay long time I don't draw a celshading chibi! I'm so glad for doing it *U* Rini is so cute, I loved he.

Les pokémon dans des costumes de leur évolution. :)

Les Pokémons dans des costumes de leur évolution !

Theme de cette semaine: les chibis ! Vous avez jusqua vendredi pour faire vos dessin  Bises

Please do not copy, trace, or steal! For Oldivory of their OC Arabella! Thank you for commissioning me and I hope you like it! C: Oldivory

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I love Lilo and stitch so much. I hate it when they refer to "the pink stitch/stitches gf" like gtfo her name is angel you fakers claiming to love Lilo & stitch when they barley know much. Childhood right here.

Pourquoi Hatsune à les cheveux verts sur cette image ? On ne le saura jamais...

miku green hair version (Again, I don't make these pics, I just think they r pretty cool)