How to create Grading Rules

How to create Grading Rules: measurement points with you and where to measure them from, why there are differences in grades, where they change, how to change your grades and what are the averages. Great site, great information.

Knitting Abbreviations and Knitting chart Symbols - Knitting Unlimited

Great web site (Knitting Unlimited) for knitting knowledge! Chart for knitting symbols, but also an exhaustive list of abbreviations used in knitting.

Periodic table of knitting: abbreviations in patterns...bloody brilliant.

Mary Joy writes: I'm currently putting together a Periodic Table for Knitting. I got the idea when I saw two other periodic tables based on typefaces and g

knitting abbrevations

Crochet terms in US, UK, German and Danish

Translations of American crochet terms to UK, German and Danish in an easy readable chart. Crochet symbols and abbreviations in all languages.