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BMW 2015 Concept Car

The third year students of the post-high Transportation Design School – Car Design Course (academic Year at the Istituto Europeo di Design of Turin were faced with a challenge BMW 2015 Concept

Galactic Bang : Personal Concept Sci-Fi Vehicle by Sergey Ermakov

Galactic Bang Sci-Fi Vehicle Concept by Sergey Ermakov is definitely just a conceptual personal vehicle, so you can see this sci-fi vehicle design will probably…

Jetbike by Norio Fulikawa, Futuristic Vehicle, Jet Powered Flying Bike, Future Vehicle, Concept

Propulsion Powered Flying Cycle Created by designer Norio Fujikawa. This propulsion powered jetbike is a sci-fi concept that Fujikawa has taken to a whole new level in his design. Be sure to check out the additional pictures here

Just Junk You Dont Need

Concept:The design and development of a jet for private use. A new luxury pastime is to be created. "Sunday aviation": the fulfillment of humankind's great desire to fly at any moment, making it possible to reach unimaginable heights and all the places y…