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10 Spooky and Cute Halloween Nail Art Tutorials - GleamItUp, I think its supposed to be a black widow

TUTORIAL: Dotted Matte Gradient Nail Art step-by-step tutorial by #nails #nailart #manicure

Fairly easy-to-do, really stunning nail art: Eastern Night Cocktail - use purple and magenta gradient using wet sponge. Then apply one matte nail polish coat. Then take dotting tool and with ordinary top coat nail polish start to make some dots.

Nail polish idea

This is a cool nail polish idea but I don't think that I'll add the black/ brown. Just my preference .

Lightning Nails - whoever came up with this is super talented and I'm impressed.

Have you read the news about lightning in Christchurch? Present you all with a Lightning Nails Tutorial

(Tuto nailart) Gradient Neon // Ringardise Tendance !

Tuto nailart // Gradient Neon // Ringardise Tendance !