Login Interaction - Elegant way of solving the problem when user taps that the label completely disappears.

some of you guys really liked the keyboard that you saw in B&W Messenger. I wanted to show you how it actually works. So eventually I decided to design a log in screen to show you the functiona.

Shop 360 interaction app

Shop 360 interaction app

Dribbble - [gif] handee dashboard animation by ashley einspahr #UImotion

[gif] handee dashboard animation

In the spirit of the release of iOS7, this log in screen takes the subtle animation of iOS7 backgrounds to a new level. Here the background is a completely animated graphic – possible a gif even. Although the background is actually not too subtle, I think it is something else as you don’t see this often; you don’t see these types of app designs or splash screen often at all.

Beautiful Examples of Login Forms for Websites and Apps


Animated Menu Icon

Animated Menu Icon by Kenny Sing [BK]The icon should rotate clockwise both transitions

Swagger App - Feed Transitions by Kreativa Studio

Swagger App - Feed Transitions

I made an animation for the landing page design I did for Flowhome's full app release coming to soon to the play store

Flowhome landing animation