The tunnel effect and the abstruse trap.

The notion of tunnel effect generally stands as a synonym for long-term projects that result in patent failure, only to be detected at the last minute.

Five questions to address with your CIO when starting a SaaS-Based HR Project.

Implementing a HR solution in SaaS mode requires anticipation and good collaboration between HRDs and CIOs (Chief Information Officers)

Talentsoft is proud to announce the launch of Hello Talent, its new social recruitment app.

News - Talentsoft - HR software solutions for talent management

International Talent Management: Challenges and Good Practices.

International Talent Management: Challenges and Good Practices.

Increasing innovation by getting rid of silos!

We cannot reach the heights of innovation with teams in silos.

The future of Big Data in HR.

Telecom firm AT&T will soon use CorFire technology to support its new platform, NFC Connect, that would offer NFC services outside of Isis mobile commerce

It's time to start thinking "Marketing" if you want to optimise the R.O.I of your HR actions.

"It’s time to start thinking “Marketing” if you want to optimise the R. of your HR actions" by Julien Moulin

Talent Data Interchange: HRMS entering the era of knowledge management.

The common goals of HR and Knowledge Management is the intelligent accomplishment of works, projects, research and creation to the benefit of company

Workforce planning: a strategic approach for organisational success.

Frédéric Boissinot, HRMS Consulting, explains us why Workforce Planning is a true success factor for companies.

ISMS & HRDS: hand in hand for the success of digital transition.

The digital revolution promises to be of such magnitude that it will bring transformations to work. ISMs and HRDs must unite for a successful transition.

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