Hey Etsy Sellers! #DIY gift wrap posts make for the perfect holiday packaging inspiration!

DIY 5 gift wrap ideas for christmas

washi tape plaid

DIY Father's Day cards

I enjoy making simple, handmade cards for holidays and birthdays. Crafting with washi tape is one of THE easiest ways to make a cute, homemade card. You don’t need loads of fancy stamps or layers of paper… just a little tape and a simple stamp!

Tuto des boules en papier

♡ tuto des boules en papier ♡ - Le bonheur est aussi dans la Créativité

How to Make Wire Wrapped Tassel Caps Tutorial

How to Make Wire Wrapped Tassel Caps

Tassels have a way of being both trendy and timeless. With this fabulous tutorial, you will learn How to Make Tassels with Wire Wrapped Caps. You can use this DIY jewelry technique to create an abundance of homemade accessories.

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