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So true.

The trouble is, you think you have time - Buddha quote The biggest lie humans can believe is that we have all the time in the world. Life is so short and precious.

so true...

sleep/brain won't stop talking to itself.I always say "My brain won't shut off.

so true..

Not ashamed

People should not judge me for wanting to be alone; I'm fine socially, but being alone allows me to be at my most creative and smartest state! Just cause Im an introvert means Im a lazy, selfish loner?

pour mes murs porteurs à moi, le quatuor magique, Stephane, Louise, Juliette, Nini

Citation - le bonheur-thank you for all the happiness you give me since you came into my life

I've always loved this saying. so much so that I almost got it tattooed on me.

-oh, a certain "darkness" cannot shut the light out; only Man can cast the light away. "A certain darkness is needed to see the stars.

"Deeper Roots"- During difficult times in our lives, when we are tossed about by the winds of adversity... Based on a quote by Dolly Parton and the truth of God's Word, an encouraging message from True Living Today blog.

Deeper Roots

storms make trees take deeper roots. I am the tree and the storms are the problems and things that occured in my life. But I fought through the storms and took deeper roots.

My favorite city!

My favorite city!

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