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We have changed the way we work and with it the definition of a modern #workplace. Employees are looking for collaborative & multi-purpose spaces supporting…
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various colors of rugs laid out on top of each other in different sizes and shapes
BAUX ♥︎ Tarkett - Acoustic Wood Wool and Desso AirMaster
BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool panels and tiles in combination with Tarkett Desso AirMaster carpets. Colour palettes from Form Us With Love. #BAUX #Tarkett #Acousticdesign #interiordesign #sustainability #wellbeing
a modern living room with blue curtains and beige furniture
Biophilic Interior design ideas for improving indoor air quality: DESSO AirMaster
Air pollution poses a growing risk to people’s health, both indoors and out, with indoor air containing microscopic particles of dust and dirt small enough to be inhaled deep into the lungs. DESSO AirMaster patented technology captures and retains fine dust 8 times more effectively than smooth floors and 4 times more than standard carpet*. *Based on GUI test report AirMaster® 090225-01 DF with DESSO AirMaster® versus a standard smooth floor and versus standard structured loop pile carpet (median values).
an image of carpet samples in different colors
Contemporary workplace design ideas with vibrant and neutral colour palette for creative floor plans
Description: Available in an updated palette of 9 rich colours and 9 beautiful neutrals, the new DESSO AirMaster collection boasts 3 textural design options - from Classic’s subtle lines to Earth’s dramatic depth and Sphere’s tonal texture. Working perfectly alone, the 3 designs can also be combined to create statement floor plans, such as room centrepieces or workplace zoning and routing.
an empty room with bookshelves and yellow shelves
Sustainable flooring design for modern office interior space: DESSO AirMaster Carpet Tiles
Discover the new and improved DESSO AirMaster carpet tile collection. With patented technology that helps reduce the concentration of fine dust in the air, the fully recyclable tiles boast an even lower circular carbon footprint thanks to a new backing ingredient.
the room is clean and ready to be used as a place for meditation or relaxation
DESSO AirMaster: eco-friendly carpet tiles for modern office design inspiration
Design beautiful spaces with flooring that is good for people and the planet. Created with wellbeing in mind, the DESSO Airmaster’s updated colour palette and easily combinable designs allow you to create unique floor plans for living and working spaces.
an image of a living room setting with furniture and lamps on the ceiling, in front of a blue wall that says baux
Sustainable design products for modern workplace design interiors
Baux and Tarkett's new collaboration enables you to create a harmonious interior design where the floors and walls complement each other seamlessly. Using Baux Acoustics and Tarkett DESSO AirMaster for improved indoor air quality creates the perfect blend for sustainable and healthier interiors.
an image of a dining room setting with geometric wallpaper on the walls and floor
Contemporary interior design ideas for sustainable office spaces
Description: Meet BAUX & Tarkett’s new collaboration: the perfect building blocks for creating healthier and more sustainable interiors where people can thrive. BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool tiles and DESSO AirMaster® flooring technology work effectively to reduce noise and improve air quality.
the interior of a modern office with green and blue geometric tiles on the wall, two chairs in front of a table
Complimentary color scheme interior design for collaboration area workplace design
Transform your interior space with Baux & Tarkett’s new collaboration. With the help of Form Us With Love, we have created a harmonious colour palette that seamlessly bring together flooring and wall surfaces. From grounding minerals to warming florals and lofty forest hues, our thoughtfully coordinated and versatile palette helps you creating healthier and more sustainable spaces.
Harmonious interior design for workplace collaboration spaces for your walls and floors
Welcome to a place where floors and walls play well together. Brought together by the shared values of well-being and environmental responsibility, here BAUX and Tarkett unite in a harmonised colour palette, perfect for playful collaborative workspaces.
Open workplace interior. One half has vinyl flooring with a hardwood motif and a long meeting table. In the foreground there is grey tile vinyl flooring and light green shelving. Meeting Rooms Ideas, Partition Ideas, Flooring Tiles, Pvc Flooring, Rooms Ideas, Meeting Rooms, Room Partition, Commercial Flooring, Meeting Room
Open meeting rooms partition ideas with Tarkett iD Evolution non-PVC flooring tiles
Looking for meeting rooms ideas with a non-PVC modular flooring solution? Tarkett's iD Evolution collection is resistant & durable, the perfect compromise for a workplace environment.
Open workplace environment featuring non PVC vinyl flooring with a hardwood motif. Wood table with light green legs, stools with grey seats and light green legs. Environmental Consciousness, New Flooring, Consciousness, Evolution, Flooring, Range
iD Evolution, the ideal modular flooring solution for any workplace environment
Thinking about renovating your workplace environment with an alternative solution to PVC? Try starting with a brand new flooring! The Tarkett non-PVC iD Evolution range is the perfect mix of strength, durability and environmental consciousness.
an image of a living room setting with modern furniture and lamps on the wall behind it
DESSO Essence: endless possibilities graphic designs for contemporary office interiors
Discover DESSO Essence Elements, a family of three complementary and endless combinable designs. Pure offers serene simplicity with vibrant accents, mid-tones, and neutrals. Roots brings unstructured patterns and soft tactility, while Traces adds depth and subtle organic lines, allowing for endless design possibilities.
two green chairs sitting next to each other on a checkered wallpapered floor
Colourful flooring patterns for your next modern commercial interior design
Express yourself with DESSO Essence Elements, a family of functional, flexible, and durable designs. Combine them for graphic color blocking or subtle patterns and zones, effortlessly exploring vibrant and playful or simply sophisticated office flooring patterns.
an assortment of different colors and materials for carpeting with text that reads take it
DESSO Essence Elements: colour blocking graphic design ideas for office flooring
Experience creative freedom with DESSO Essence Elements. This family of functional, flexible, and durable designs offers endless combinations for graphic color blocking or subtle patterns and zones, allowing vibrant and playful or simply sophisticated commercial interior designs.
an empty room with chairs and tables in it
Modern office flooring design ideas for expressive workspaces
Unleash your creativity with the DESSO Essence Elements carpet tile collection: Pure, Roots, and Traces. This family of harmonious designs provides aesthetic excellence at an accessible price point, allowing you to confidently create expressive interiors showcasing contemporary colors, soft tactility, and long-lasting utility.