Vase boule porcelaine froide ou en bandes plâtréessurun ballon de baudruche et tressage papier, super !!

I love the idea of adding a pottery base to this hand woven basket! What a contrast of natural elements!

DIY - Boîte en papier


DIY: gift box with recycled Christmas cards! Any cards really. No matter that the card was signed by someone else. Or if it worked out use the card given to you by the person you are giving the gift t (Diy Gifts)

Contra Vessels by Bem Robinson adesignaward-634dc96d440d63bae1e86539dcd5d2cf77e22493-5

A' Design Awards & Competition 2015-16 - Early Call for Entries

Combining wood and ceramic to "represents the randomness of natures beauty. Discover uncommon designs straight from your inbox - Check the link in bio! by Bem Robinson

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it feels like fo-freaking-ever since i’ve sketched anything like this and it feels so weird D: i feel like i’ve forgotten what it feels like to draw for fun, need to come back to that as soon as possible. So here’s older Ben Wilson for you and me.


Anne Fallis Elliott charcoal black columnar teapots with slight horizontal concentric ridge markings on the cylinder shape body, stick or branch handle attached to ceramic loops with cords, c.


Andreas Kowalewski's Wedge Side Table is a Genius Single-Material Flatpack Design

If you are into power tools and wood, this DIY wood tool might be a fun project is creative inspiration for us. Get more photo about diy home decor related with by looking at photos gallery at the bottom of this page.

10 Ceramic Pieces We Want in Our Home | Rue

A fresh take on two ancient art forms, our ethereal Woven Lanterns feature twined round reed in various patterns and hand-dyed colors passing through a gently curved ceramic frame.

Art et matière : de la créativité dans la déco ! - Floriane Lemarié

Art et matière : de la créativité dans la déco !

De bien jolis nichoirs...                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

I love bird houses! Yes, Bird Houses! for the birds bird house birdhouse

Une série de récipients combinent la vannerie et la céramique

Une série de récipients combinent la vannerie et la céramique

Designer Eneida Tavares takes a look at two handmade techniques and seamlessly blends them to create a series of one-of-a-kind vases and containers, aptly called Caruma, which is Portuguese for pine needles.