DIY: nouvelle pelle pour le jardin

Did IT using a vinegar bottle! NO more torn Solo cups for a dog food scoop! DIY: Milk Jug Scoop For The Garden.make your own from an empty milk jug!

Cold Frames from old windows

Chicken solarium attached to chicken coop with sand to radiate heat back into the house in winter. Could double as a green house or cold frame for early starts in the spring.

LE LIN une plante qui revient chaque année, protège contre les limaces et les doryphores

Flax - one hearty plant that come up year after year - and the it's not a deer favorite to eat. Sun/Part Sun, Zones Perennial, 2 x 2 feet.

DIY concrete block bench seating | furniture design | awesome DIY inspiration #product_design

This is the most amazing outdoor patio DIY cement block bench that almost anyone should be able to make themselves at home with great success!

Frédéric Malphettes est né à Saint-Germain-en-Laye en 1979, il vit et travaille à Paris. Après un diplôme en design et architecture d'intérieur à L'Ecole B

ANNO par Fréderic Malphettes

Limaces : l'astuce écologique pour protéger son potager

Limaces : l'astuce écologique pour protéger son potager

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