Everything you Need to Know About The Golden Ratio #infographic #GoldenRatio

Everything you Need to Know About The Golden Ratio #infographic

Vagues - Waves * AMARANTINE*

If you believe that waves, waterscapes, and waterfalls pretty well use up all the opportunities that water provides for picture-taking, think again. Here are seven more photography tips with water—remedies for the photo doldrums!

How to combine colors

How to combine colors - Remember that you can rotate these shapes ON the color wheel to get new color combos! Like Analogous is also red, red orange and orange, etc. Don't hesitate to be BOLD!


TREES 2 - French Dictionary Illustration - 1930 A beautiful illustration from a damaged 1930 volume of the French dictionary: Larousse du XXème

Signature Details. Xk

Bracts Of A Protea Flower By Heinrich van den Berg From The Gallery Art of Nature.


Shout colour with classic colour-blocked Havaianas in rich navy blue. An essential summer accessory made from premium Brazilian rubber.