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an anime character's face and body with different expressions
turn your idea into a beautiful illustration
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how to draw an emotes step by step instructions for children and beginners
Emote YCH / base pack 01 | 8 bases to draw your own emotes on
- File size is 560 x 560px (resize them as needed the format is PSD, all 8 bases are compiled in a .rar file - Personal and commercial use allowed - You may sell your own premade emotes using these bases or commission an artist to draw them for you (I offer that service on my VGen (, samples shown were done by me) - You may NOT redistribute/sell the bases themselves - Intended for *individual use*, if used for multiple people, please purchase the corresponding amount! - Credit for the bases is appreciated, but not required, however you may not claim them as your own - You're free to change the bases as much as you need! - If you have any questions or issues, feel free to contact me and I will do my best to help out! YOU WILL NEED - a compression program to unzip/unpack
the emotes base sheet is shown in pink and white with different facial expressions
Chibi emotes base, twitch emotes, diy cute emotes.
Help you draw your own Twitch/Discord emotes. This file does not include hairs, clothes, accessories, etc. as those are supposed to be drawn by you! diy emotes. You need a program that can open the psd file. size : 320 x 320px, 300dpi and the format is PSD. a zip folder containing 12 PSD files with layers. Personal and commercial use is allowed. Not allowed to resell these bases. I don't accept returns, exchanges or cancellations thank you!
the cartoon character emote base sheet is shown in black and white, with various expressions
Procreate Emote Base Twitch Discord Badges Chibi Hair Words Symbol Memes Accessories Blush Hand Gesture Kawaii Character Stamps Brush Guide - Etsy Singapore
two cartoon characters hugging each other in front of leaves and falling from the tree branches
이고아트 아카데미 on X