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(10) Biểu tượng đánh dấu #IronMaiden trên Twitter

1 having a different background 2 having a maiden instead of a skull 3 having a skeleton that's a girl 4 changing font to something creepy

Total Recall, Paul Verhoeven, 1990.

Just having a Mars burger, nothing special. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Paul Verhoeven and an unnamed extra in full mutant make up, grabbing some din-dins on the set of Total Recall

Tim Curry sur le tournage de "Il" est revenu, Tommy Lee Wallace, 1990.

vintage everyday: Awesome Behind The Scenes Photos from Horror Movies:: Pennywise getting his makeup done on the set of "It"

Arnold Schwarzenegger sur le tournage des Contes de la crypte, épisode "L'Echange" (saison 2), 1990.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Crypt Keeper Season 2