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a living room filled with furniture next to a window and bookshelf on top of a hard wood floor
Rénovation de salon / Living room renovation
🇨🇭/ 🇨🇵 : Rénovation de salon : Canapés Tacchini et fauteuils inspiration Le Corbusier ainsi que tapis sur mesure. 🇬🇧 : Living room renovation : Tacchini couched and Le Corbusier inspirated armchairs with tailored rug.
a bathroom sink sitting under a mirror next to a wall mounted soap dispenser
Renovation de salle de bain vintage / Vintage bathroom renovation
🇨🇭 / 🇨🇵 Rénovation : Salle de bain vintage, avec carreaux ciment et éléments de finitions en laiton 🇬🇧 Renovation: Vintage bathroom, with cement tile and brass finish
a living room filled with furniture next to a kitchen and dining area in a loft
Parkett Kollektion - Antik Horse
before and after pictures of a house with an above ground pool in the back yard
Avant / Après : Créer une véranda en harmonie avec un bâtiment ancien
before and after photos of an old barn turned into a living room with stone walls
A 120 year old Barn Makeover with The Frame TV + Shop The Look - Emily Henderson
the inside of a building with wooden floors and beams
the inside and outside of an old barn with wood beams, windows, and furniture
17 granges rénovées en lofts