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an info sheet showing the different types of aircrafts
Colour Harmonies and Contrasts by theThirdCartel on DeviantArt
Colour Harmonies and Contrasts by on @DeviantArt
an anime character's sketches for the costume design process, with instructions to wear them
some sketches of different poses and body shapes
Pose du corps à réaliser 🖤
the steps to draw legs and feet in different directions, with instructions for how to do them
Dessiner des jambes (ne m'appartiens pas).
an image of how to draw the human figure
an image of different types of human legs and feet in various positions, all showing the same
Tweet / Twitter
a drawing of a female figure in various poses
Figure drawing practice (5/31~6/21) @ icelog's diary :: 痞客邦 ::
Sketchbooks, Figure Study, Human Figure Drawing, Human Anatomy Drawing, Anatomy Sketches
Illustrations — Kyle Petchock Art
an image of a man doing tricks on the computer screen
Figure drawing practice (5/31~6/21) @ icelog's diary :: 痞客邦 ::
Figure Sketching, Body Sketches
Figure drawing practice (5/31~6/21) @ icelog's diary :: 痞客邦 ::
some sketches of people doing different things in the same direction, with one person pointing at something
the woman is wearing all black and posing for different pictures in front of white background
Posing Charts for Photographers - RockyNook
This chart shows nine poses that are common for female full-body posing.
two different views of the legs and feet of a person with muscles drawn on them