What a beautiful old house…

Victorian house in Arcata, California, I love a lot of things about the architecture here. I want to live in California, might as well live in a beautiful home.


Odette Paris in the Latin Quarter 77 Rue Galande, 75005 It overlooks Notre Dame

Would you like to go back to the nature and live in a cave?

Awesome cave feel in parts of this--If I'm loving it, I'm sure kids would too :)

small big style

Mysterious tiny house in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Not even Wikipedia knows any more about it. I have been to Eureka Springs more times than I can count and don't remember ever seeing this house. Will have to look for it the next time I go.

Maison Bulles - Antti Lovag

This is a great idea not only for the living there to enjoy but for security and living in less space Maison Bulles - Antti Lovag

The Enchanted Forest, British Columbia

The Enchanted Forest

Do you need one more reason to visit Romania? Well, we suggest this amazing eco friendly lodge: The Valley of the Fairies Lodge which was built only with c

100% Organic with No Modern Finishes: Amazing Eco friendly Lodge in Romania

The Valley of the Fairies Lodge in located near Sibiu, Romania. So, if you look to re-create the beloved fairy tale experience.