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possibly doing a magic trick/ casting spell. once again, interesting hand perspective.

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A quick study of the cat in motion. No more than a minute or two spent on each drawing. Sakura Gelly Roll pen on animation paper. Reference used: Horses. Cat running and slowing down

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Step by Step - Cat EYE TUTORIAL by Saviroosje on DeviantArt ^^tbh I'd be happy if I could get to step 6 of this

Cat Dump by on @deviantART

Aerisians are descended from feline ancestors. Their movements and body language is reflected in this.

tutorial|Cake's tips for drawing: BODY PARTS by Cakeindafridge on DeviantArt

i was looking at some old drawings and im so ashamed of the paws i use to draw xDD so here are some aspects of paws i feel are never really explained clearly in tutorials uuMMm it hasn't been a goo.