"I made this" compilation

"I made this" compilation

I think some of these dogs had to many pups! Spay or Neuter your pets people! Does anyone agree with me!<<<<I do, waaay too many pupies

Meet Simba. He's a Leonberger. Fun fact: After the second world war, there were only 8 of these in the entire world. Every single Leonberger today can be traced back to these.

Meet Simba, a German mountain dog who belongs to a giant breed called "Leonberger". These magnificent creatures can weigh 170 pounds, but are incredibly disciplined, loyal, and gentle. I WOULD THINK WAY MORE THAN 170 POUNDS!

World's happiest animal? The quokka. Look at his little happy face!!!! :)

Possibly cutest animal ever. It's called a Quokka, lives in Australia, is endangered, and considered one of the friendliest, happiest animals on earth. I want to be like this quokka.


~~Happy Mother's Day ~ Brown Bear cub hugging Mom by Giovanni Mari~~don't you just love 'bear hugs':))

A deux, la route de la vie est plus facile. / Grizzly bear cubs. / Oursons Grizzly. / By Oliver Klink.

Photographer Oliver Klink took this photo of two grizzly bear cubs holding hands (everybody say "dawww" together now) for the National Geographic 2008 International Photo Contest: Link.


Since the it has been considered politically incorrect to call a black cat a black panther. The big black cats are black leopards or black jaguars and are not referred to as black panthers by anyone who knows anything about big cats.

oh goodnesssss, it's a bunny!  Thanks, Chrissy!  xoxo

princess-peachie: “bunniesarethebest: “-batb ” Oh my god. This bunny is WORKING IT.

Chiens et Chats - Les Meilleurs Amis du Monde !

12 chats qui aiment les chiens et l'assument !

Hold on, let me put on my thinking cat. / Brotherhood by Burak KILIÇ

Et ce couple de chiots décidés à vous redonner le sourire. | 35 photos pour tous ceux qui ont passé une mauvaise journée

Et ce couple de chiots décidés à vous redonner le sourire.

And this doggy duo who just wants to put a lil’ smile on your face. 39 Photos For Anyone Who's Just Having A Bad Day

Un câlin contre ma maman, je ne crains rien...

Amazing Polar Bear Photos by David Jenkins


Funny pictures about Bunnies in sweaters. Oh, and cool pics about Bunnies in sweaters. Also, Bunnies in sweaters.