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Thierry Demers

Thierry Demers
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Tethys Purification Fleet by Drazelic

Repurposed the old Tethys Corvette design for this, albeit with a TON of new added shiny stuff. There are so many weird connections going on in that capital ship under the hood, you guys have no idea.

Ultra Suit

A shot of Atlas running. I really want to use this as my main pic for the contest but it looks like he only has one leg, what do you guys think?

LEGO MDI05_Mongrel by m_o_n_k_e_y, via Flickr

Inspiration all round on this guy, from Ian McQue and Luca Zampriolo to all you mecha building guys and some of my old stuff. Therefore 'Mongrel' seemed like an appropriate name.

LEGO Mini-Mecha

This is what happens when I have insomnia. Replaced the crappy cell phone pic taken at with a decent shot. It should also be noted that there are plenty of techniques stolen from the MFZ landmate frame by Malcolm Craig.