Don't ingnore me by Liu Bolin

Don't Ignore Me - Transparent homeless child StreetArt Campaign China. This is awesome!

Optical illusions: artist Liu Bolin

"Civilian and Policeman n° by Liu Bolin // "Liu Bolin: Lost in Art" [March 20 - May @ Eli Klein Fine Art Gallery, New York // "Hide in the City" [March 13 - May @ International Festival, Moscow //

Liu Bolin stands in front of shelves in a supermarket

The invisible man: Liu Bolin's amazing camouflage artwork

Camouflage Photography by Desiree Palmen

The Hidden Art of Camouflage Photography

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Hiding in the City No. 92 — Temple of Heaven, Photo: courtesy of Eli Klein Fine Art, © Liu Bolin

The Invisible Man: Artist Liu Bolin Hides in Plain Sight

The Invisible Man: Artist Liu Bolin Hides in Plain Sight painting optical illusion camouflage

politically engaged series "Hide in the City" by the Chinese photographer Liu Bolin

Art Paris Art Fair

'Invisible Man' Liu Bolin, Hiding in the City No. 98 - Info Port, 2011 (Courtesy of Eli Klein Fine Art)

liu bolin - pillars

Top 32 des plus beaux camouflages de l’homme invisible chinois, Liu Bolin

Liu Bolin : Camouflages urbains | Le Journal Graphic

Invisible Man Body Paint is an amazing body paint optical illusion created by Liu Bolin from Beijing. Liu art features a style of urban camouflage which is