Now what ;)

Karma: A heart attack, causing your demise. That's what you get for being an asshole to disabled people, Dr. JM-Karma got you.

how to cut a pizza

Comic: How to Cut A Pizza

How to Cut a Pizza- lol that last one. I've never seen a pizza cut like that

Ok, but first le Goûter - #JaimeLaGrenadine >>>...

Ok, but first le Goûter - >>>.

Funny Quotes : 'Je suis désolée pour ce que je t'ai dit, j'avais faim.

40 Of The Funniest Quotes Ever

I think my guardian angel drinks.ha ha, Idon't think I have a guardian angel, but if I did she'd probably drink.

Je te respecte mais #putain ferme ta grande gueule #LesCartons

i respect you but fucking shut your big mouth. lol its only eloquent because its en francais

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My name is Tamryn Isabella Burger, I'm proudly South African. This is a visual mood board of what I love and what inspires me, I do post a few of my own images too.